Plastic Decking

There's more to Plastic Decking  than clever design. 


Plastic decking in Centurion prevalent alternative to wood decking. 

Today you don’t have to be savvy to know that installing a plastic deck is a wise choice. 
Many property owners still compare wood decks to Plastic Decks, but it is common knowledge that caring for a wood is so much more labour and material intensive. 
The reality is plastic decking is more indestructible, lasts up to 40 years and keeps it great charm with little maintenance! 

Top 7 benefits of our Plastic Decking.


  • Preservation costs are little when compared to wood, no refinishing. 
  • Wood can warp, rot, warp, crack, fade, scrape, and splinter – not the issue with plastic decking. 
  • Renewable energy is used to make the plastic decking we use. 
  • Environment conscious – uses recycled products. 
  • Great appeal – wood textures for your home. 
  • Pays itself back in under nine years. 
  • Soft underfoot 


Plastic decking is a winner on the market today. It has a huge range to choose from, kind to the environment, robust with a fantastic track record. Our installed patios are where memories are made. Our plastic decking is resilient to all weather conditions and looks stunning, made for South African living. 

Top benefit of installing a plastic deck?

Our installed projects have all had the option of either a ten year warranty or a twenty five year warranty. We often quote in a price per square meter. Give us a call to discuss your project and we can then give you a ballpark figure.

The popular plastic deck.


Why is plastic (wood) decking such a Buzz in South Africa right now? 

The South African culture represents an outdoor lifestyle. When relaxing around the pool, having a braai, or just chilling on a sun deck we love the outdoors. A plastic deck enhances these areas. Think about elevated walkways by a river, cladding doors, plastic fences, and railings are all part of the projects we have worked on. We are the preferred plastic deck installer in Centurion. 

Plastic decking a superior product!


Our brand is safe for the family and a market product leader. With superior technical design and functionality, it is no surprise that our warranty backed product is top class. Kind to the environment with easy care makes this the best. 

A dynamite addition is bamboo. Bamboo makes the plastic decking vigorous and able to handle the elements for a long time. Doing its bit for the environment we only use renewable energy make the product. That means we care about the environment and want as little impact as possible. A quality product that makes your home greener. 

Plastic decking benefits to brag about



  • Slip tolerant. 
  • No need for staining and sealing 
  • Product range has a lot of choice. 
  • No need for sanding and sealing, refinishing is a thing of the past. 
  • Rain, frost, wind and UV is no problem for plastic decking. 
  • Only need soap and water for cleaning 
  • No more rotting wood 
  • NO more splinters 
  • Does not warp. 

Composite Decking that lasts up to 46 years

 Our focus is the plastic decking product that has the benefit of easy maintenance. Once installed you have little to worry about. The plastic decking planks look and feel like wood but have the sturdiness to last a long time. The warmth and appeal of your new plastic deck will extend itself to your home. 


Plastic Decking care is easier than that of wooden decks in South Africa. 

Our co-extruded technologically advanced product has a profile that is exceptionally designed for minimal upkeep. In other words, it only needs a little care every month. It keeps it original colour and to make this last longer all you need to do sweep, wash and rinse every month. 

The plastic decking profile has anti-microbial essentials for protection. That means it is safe for the whole family. 


Step one – Sweeping away all the dust and then prepare some soapy water. 


Step two - Get in there with the soapy water. Use a sponge of medium harness bristle broom. 


Step three - If you notice some dirt that is hard to get off with the soapy water then look at using a high-pressure hose. The hose must be used with extreme caution. Start on a spot that is in the corner and away from common use as attest spot. The hose must be aimed with the grain of the plastic decking at a no less than 350mm. Pressure must be no more than 500psi and the tip must be a wide-angle fan tip. If the high pressure of the water damages the profile stop immediately and resort back to scrubbing with soapy water a few more times. 


Step four – Rinse with a hose pipe and make sure to get all the soap off. 


Once clean, rinse and repeat once every four weeks or less if dirty again. 


Composite Decking installer 

Our reputation in Centurion is incomparable and we offer warranties for 10 and 25 years. 

We proudly service the Centurion area and surrounding cities

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