Composite Decking

There's more to Composite Decking  than clever design. 

Make your outdoor living space safe and easy with our Composite decking

When you’re looking for the perfect decking, come to us! We offer a wide range of composite wood deck boards with superior performance and low maintenance.

Stay cool all summer long on a composite deck that won't warp in the sun

Our composite decking products are made of 55%-65% reclaimed wood fibres, and 35%-45% recycled HDPE. Our Eco-friendly alternative to timber will give you a beautiful outdoor floor solution that feels great under your feet - but is also more durable than real wood!


We Love working in Centurion and surrounding cities. It take a family approach to work with and install Composite Decking to a standard that exceeds all expectations.
We also have a Bamboo Plastic Decking option that is made using only renewable energy. 

Use reclaimed materials to make eco friendly composite boards that are durable, beautiful and cosy

Composite decking is the perfect way to make your backyard an inviting place for friends and family. It is engineered with materials that are better suited to withstand rain, wind and sunlight than traditional wood; as a result it requires substantially less maintenance! Composite decks will also last longer without any upkeep costs associated while maintaining their natural beauty. Furthermore, composite material won't splinter or warp like regular wood would – around pools this means no more slippery surfaces when you're trying to walk out of the water after enjoying some time in your poolside lounge chair!

Wood decks are a thing of the past. They're heavy, hard to clean, and need constant maintenance.

The summer sun is shining, the kids are playing outside and you’ve built a swimming pool. Now your garden needs some makeover love that will benefit all of these new additions to your life! With Composite Decking by Centurion Composite Decking company, now more than ever it has never been easier for homeowners with busy schedules to get their outdoor space looking stunning in no time at all - thanks to this quick-drying material which won't rot or warp over time like wood can do when exposed too much moisture. Not only does yours look amazing but also feels great underfoot as well so order from us today while our stocks last!

Wood decks are a thing of the past. They're heavy, hard to clean, and need constant maintenance.

With a choice of brown, charcoal and grey composite boards that are perfect for any home with unique needs. Installing your new deck can be tough to do on your own so why not give our experienced installation team the chance? We have been installing decks since we first opened in 2010 which has made us experts at what we do. With no pressure from you, leave all heavy lifting up to us; let's get this done!

When it comes time to install or renovate an outdoor living space like a patio or garden area, there is one option - choosing Composite Boards (with a little bamboo for strength). With three different popular colours (grey, brown and charcoal) as well as two materials (composite plastic and bamboo), you surely are off to a great start!

Composite Decking is lighter than wood decking, easier to clean, doesn't require any prep work before installation and you can add it on top of an existing wood deck

A new way to enjoy the great outdoors! Bamboo composite building products can make any outdoor living space enjoyable. The reliable and versatile natural materials are a long-lasting alternative that will never need painting or staining, unlike timber where you have to constantly maintain it. They also offer style and beauty with their variety of colors, textures, styles - whatever your taste may be for your perfect decking material; we've got just what you're looking for!

Bamboo is an excellent choice of wood because its durable yet lightweight nature makes it ideal as a construction ingredient in many applications including decks, fencing panels & screensets (wall dividers). These sustainable alternatives look beautiful without ever needing paint or stain like other woods which require frequent maintenance.
The composite board will stay looking new for years instead of needing consistent coats of oil or other treatments like wood does!
We offer free delivery for complete (Full) projects! We even do projects as far as the Vaal!

We proudly service the Centurion area and surrounding cities

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